Does any of the following describe you?:

            • eating on the run

            • midday crashes

            • not enough sleep

            • cravings for sugar or salt

            • relying on coffee and energy drinks

            • taking pills to deal with symptoms

            • feeling bloated

            • extra weight

            • yo-yo dieting

            • low energy

            • mood swings?

 If you don’t want to put up with it anymore, and are tired of being tired and not knowing what to eat, work with me. I am the solution to your pain.

 You’re not alone

So who am I? I am Melissa Dann, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and the owner of The Healthy Danndelion. I feel your pain, because I went through it not all that long ago. Extreme fatigue, stress, migraines, bloating, cravings, cramps, a seemingly incurable sweet tooth, and a low mood were just some of my symptoms. Sometimes all I wanted to do at the end of a work day was crawl into bed–and I often did. I took over-the-counter pills to deal with my migraines, and ate cookies and candy and drank syrup-filled decaf lattes all the time to perk myself up, since I couldn’t have caffeine. And did I mention I also used to hate to cook?




The natural route

Rather than take medication for the rest of my life for my migraines, I decided to take a more natural route to getting better. I was sick of feeling bad, so I changed my diet, made some lifestyle changes, learned to manage my stress, and enrolled in the Natural Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition which taught me so much about my health. I wanted to help others improve their health, which I have. I can also help you.

More than just nutrition

I don’t just concentrate on your nutrition, because that’s just one part. I look at other aspects such as your stress levels, your lifestyle, sleep, medical history, family history, toxins, and physical activity. All of these aspects play a part in your overall health, and cannot be ignored. You could eat the healthiest food the majority of the time, but if you’re stressed and spend most of your waking hours sitting, feeling tired or overwhelmed, are you really healthy?

I will work with you to improve your diet and lifestyle in a way that you are able to maintain for life, and can share with your family. You know your body and mind better than anyone, and I will listen to you and help you navigate your route to better health.