"I have had the pleasure of rediscovering healthy foods by the meal plan that Melissa Dann created for me. I am a 42-year-old female who has enjoyed good health but I find it increasingly difficult to get adequate nutrition since becoming a vegetarian 11 years ago. I had fallen into the rut of eating the same meals that consisted of mostly fruits, vegetables, and some form of protein, but not enough healthy complex carbohydrates or fats. Melissa has a very detailed process by which she evaluates your current nutritional intake, how well you sleep, outside sources that might cause stress, what your overall goals are, and more. My goal was to gain weight, boost my health, and to feel healthy and happy. I could go on and on about all the delicious foods, shopping lists, recommended exercises, and other helpful tips I received, but what it really comes down to is that Melissa is a real person who listened to what I needed and wanted and was able to help me achieve those goals. Health is not a quick fix and she gave some really good advice that I used and achieved results. I needed to gain weight and retain muscle because I was eating large volumes of low-calorie foods and steadily losing muscle mass. I have gained weight going from 108 lbs to 119 lbs. This has helped my overall self-esteem because I have gained back the curves I had lost and I am looking forward to aging rather than dreading it. Her fees are almost too low and I felt like I should have been paying her more for what I received in return. I cannot express my gratitude enough."  –Becky H.


“My main health concern was facial acne which was really annoying before Melissa helped me. I used to get it constantly and I wasn't sure what was causing it and I refrained from eating healthy things that I like, such as avocado, because I thought they caused it. Her recommendations helped me by specifying the kind of foods in my diet that could be the cause for my problems and she also helped by introducing me to healthy and nutritious foods that I wasn't aware of, such as kale. I started drinking first thing in the morning a glass of water with lemon juice. By the way, she also helped with another problem: increased heartbeat. I would certainly recommend Melissa to other people because she's very professional and I really connect to her approach of treating health problems by means of holistic nutrition.”  – Gal W.


“Melissa used her knowledge and compassion to help me improve my health. She has given me invaluable advice and practical suggestions on how to improve and support my immune system, through food and supplements, as well as daily use of probiotics. The latter was very useful, since I had several bouts of yeast infections. She also suggested the use of the miraculous oil of oregano for the concurrent infections I had at the time, such as bladder, gum infections, and common colds.

Through her diet recommendations, I did lose some weight and felt increased energy levels, and my PMS and menstrual cramps greatly improved.

Melissa continues to offer her support, compassion and advice on using natural alternative methods to improve my health in general. Her calming demeanor has helped me numerous times when I wasn’t sure of my symptoms and thought it was worse than it was.”  – Jackie J.


“At the time in which I received help from Melissa, I was suffering from severe digestive issues, continuous constipation, kidney infections, and weight issues. Just prior to this period in time, I had seen a doctor who diagnosed me with IBS. I changed my diet and added some supplements which helped with my digestion, and I became more regular, had more energy, less bloating, some weight loss, and my stomach pains went away. I felt happier and more comfortable. I’ve already recommended Melissa to others.” – Katherine D.


“Melissa has been very helpful to me. When she advised me, I had frequent stomach aches, felt extremely tired and had cravings for sugar. She was able to discover I was dairy and gluten intolerant and my stomach aches were much less frequent. With a few dietary changes and supplements, I feel more energetic and happy. I also have been able to lose weight. Very pleased.” – Andreia A.