Writing and Editing


It isn’t always easy to produce writing that communicates what you want to say in just the right way. Writing might not be your focus or what you really love to do, but you know you have to do it. This is where I can help you.

Some of the written material I can help you with include blog posts, web site copy, articles, brochures, social media posts, ads, and product pages.

On the other hand, if you have no problem with writing but need an extra set of eyes to help polish your written work, I can do that for you. I will check for the following:

• grammar

• spelling

• punctuation

• consistency

• word choice

• industry jargon

• syntax

• flow

I can help you with big or small jobs in PDF or Word formats. I have experience writing copy for ads, advertorials, and product pages as well as copy editing and proofreading articles, blog posts, product pages, and product labels for supplement companies. I have also written feature articles and headline news.

Why do you need to have your work edited? You might not have the time to make sure the proper your, you’re, there, their, they’re, its or it’s is used, or to check for the proper punctuation or spelling. Making sure your writing is error free and easy to understand is key, as your written piece may be the first time a potential client or customer is exposed to your brand. A bad first impression can turn them off. You want to get their attention in a positive way.

If you are in the health and wellness industry and need help with your written materials, contact me for a free quote.